Considerations for action

Considerations for action are targeted at those who can affect the enabling environment for child and youth development: young people themselves acting as change-makers, locally and globally; youth organisations, networks and movements; CSOs working on issues relevant to children and young people; professionals and volunteers working with children and youth; and governments, agencies and donors supporting child and youth development.

The current state of child and youth development

Progress but persistent problems in child and youth development.

The 15 years of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have seen significant achievements for the world’s children and young people. However, at the end of this period, problems still persist for children and young people


Children not in primary school


% Youth unemployment


% of the global refugee population is children


% of Parliamentarians in their 20s

Our research objective

The objective of this research is to investigate, understand, and present considerations for future action on how to improve the conditions and structures affecting child and youth development. The central research question is:

What is the enabling environment (necessary conditions and structures) that ensures children and young people have access to their rights, can influence decisions, and have improved livelihoods?

From the young researchers:

  • The Case for Space research project is a great process, in the sense that it not only engages young researchers from around the world to identify and take up the social issues of their concern for research and probing, it also builds their skills for sound research work, and effective policy advocacy based on their research work. Also, it makes sense to engage youth themselves, to highlight and find resolutions for the problems and issues that affect them the most.

    Fayyaz, Pakistan
  • I learned that being part of a larger project can seem more complicated and overwhelming at first, but that it ultimately creates an invaluable support network if properly implemented. I always felt supported, and I believe that is because of the excellent communication and transparency about the infrastructure of the project. I also felt like I could reach out to my peer researchers at any point.

    Ani, Brazil
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